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Breaking a White-Box implementation embedded in an Android Application (Hard Level)

This practical course targets an Android Application containing a native white-box library protected with device binding mechanisms. You will learn how to defeat these mechanisms to extract the white- box library, and how to execute and attack it to recover the secret key.

Covered Topics

What you will learn:

  • APK decompilation
  • Java code analysis
  • Identify the White-Box implementation
  • Create a launcher to execute the White-Box
  • Recover the White-Box key
  • Defeat Device Binding Protections
  • Understand how to compute the application cryptogram


Attack a White-Box implementation embedded in an Android payment application. You will have to recover the PIN code and the White-Box key to understand how to generate a correct payment cryptogram. This application is protected with device binding mechanisms.


  • Native code analysis
  • Basic ARM Assembly language
  • Basic knowledge in side-channel analyses
  • Execute/Trace a binary (module WBC.1)
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Practical information

Overall duration: 1-day if in-person / flexible duration if online.

Schedule: 9am-1pm - 2pm-6 pm CET (in-person)

Number of trainees: 1 max.

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