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Enhancing Mobile App Security: A Successful Case Study with FLOA

3 min read
Edit by Valentine Puig • Jul 10, 2023

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding mobile applications against security threats is of utmost importance. FLOA, a renowned financial institution, understood the significance of prioritizing mobile app security to protect their clients' assets and maintain trust.

In partnership with eShard, FLOA embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging eShard's Mobile App Sec Onboarding program to fortify their mobile app releases.

Throughout the case study, discover how they successfully strengthened their mobile app security : their journey, the steps taken, and the remarkable results achieved. By following their example, you can enhance your own mobile app security practices and ensure the utmost protection for your users and their sensitive data.



Mobile App Security Onboarding


To help organizations instill mobile application security in their digitalization journey, we devised a comprehensive and tailored Mobile App Sec Onboarding plan. Divided into three phases, it was designed to equip mobile engineering teams with essential tools and knowledge to build confidence in mobile application security and embed robust security practices at the heart of their development cycles.

After embracing the Onboarding plan, FLOA experienced a significant enhancement of confidence and efficiency throughout their mobile app release process.


The program began with a comprehensive security diagnosis of their mobile app to identify potential vulnerabilities within their mobile app infrastructure. This assessment provided valuable insights, enabling FLOA to gain clarity and establish a solid foundation for strengthening their app's security protections.

In the second phase, FLOA's development team underwent comprehensive defensive coding training delivered by eShard's esteemed security experts. This specialized training equipped the team with the essential knowledge and skills required to implement secure coding practices, ensuring robust protection against common security threats within the unique mobile app ecosystem.

In the final phase, FLOA obtained access to esChecker, eShard's advanced Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) tool. Our powerful MAST tool facilitated meticulous and ongoing security testing, empowering FLOA to promptly detect and address emerging threats, thereby maintaining a resilient app security posture.


FLOA's Onboarding into Mobile App Security challenges led to significant improvements in their mobile app release process. As a result, they experienced enhanced confidence and efficiency, emphasizing their commitment to security and meeting tight deadlines. eShard emerged as a trusted partner, offering streamlined solutions that brought newfound clarity to FLOA's operations. This clarity empowered the organization to navigate the release process with ease and confidence, ensuring the highest level of security for their mobile app. With eShard's support, FLOA gained peace of mind, knowing their app was fortified against potential security threats.

Dive into the detailed case study and discover the results achieved by FLOA 👇👀



Looking to bolster your own mobile app security practices, instill confidence in your digital transformation journey, and prioritize the protection of your users and their data ? Discover how we eShard can help you onboard into Mobile Application Security.





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