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Intel extension for esReverse

Enhance your binary analysis with the esReverse Intel extension for dynamic analysis on Intel CPUs (x86, x64). This powerful extension includes full system emulation, timeless analysis, and taint analysis. Complemented by tutorials and fully implemented use cases, it enriches your knowledge and provides ready-to-deploy solutions.
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esReverse Intel Extension binary analysis tool reverse engineering
esReverse binary analysis tool reverse engineering windows intel emulator

Full system emulation: Windows and Linux

Leverage full system emulation for dynamic analysis with esReverse. By mirroring the target environment, users can craft virtual software environments to conduct their experiments efficiently.

Create reference virtual machines, save, and reuse them for consistent and readily available testing environments.

esReverse binary analysis tool reverse engineering Intel emulator Taint Analysis

Timeless Analysis with esReverse

Unlock the power of Timeless Analysis with esReverse to examine software behavior throughout its execution. By capturing and recording execution data, navigate both forward and backward in time to access the state of an application at any given moment.

Identify root causes, conduct binary debugging, perform vulnerability research, and gain a deeper understanding of software intricacies. All in a single, collaborative platform.

esReverse binary analysis tool reverse engineering timeless analysis taint

Taint Analysis with esReverse

With esReverse Intel emulation, you can also perform advanced taint analysis. Monitor the flow of sensitive data within applications to pinpoint security risks and vulnerabilities.

Enhanced by Timeless Analysis, meticulously track data manipulations both forward and backward in the execution timeline, making esReverse an exceptional reverse engineering tool and invaluable for detailed vulnerability analysis and malware analysis.

esReverse  binary analysis tool -Dynamic-analyses-Fault-Injection-Code-profiling

Dynamic analyses: Fault Injection, Code profiling

Thanks to esReverse, you can perform fault injection on an Intel simulator to enhance your dynamic analysis. Simulate fault conditions and inject faults into the execution flow to test software robustness and validate protections, enabling a CI/CD approach.

Additionally, use code profiling to measure execution time, memory usage, and function calls to optimize performance and identify bottlenecks efficiently.

esReverse binary analysis tool reverse engineering windows intel emulator expertise module

Expertise at your fingertips

The Expertise Module in esReverse leverages eShard's extensive experience in cybersecurity and software analysis to provide advanced guidance and insights.

It offers specialized tools and techniques tailored for specific security challenges, empowering analysts with the knowledge and capabilities needed to tackle complex threats.

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