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We make security testing scalable

We believe that security must be implemented in depth and multi layers. For each layer, the threat is specific. We developed software and services to validate the efficiency of the protections. It is important that the protections in place are checked at the right level.
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Integrated Circuits are at the heart of secure systems

Cryptographic algorithms and sensitive operations must withstand physical attacks. We offers turnkey solutions to perform side-channel, fault injection, failure or binary analyses.

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Mobile applications are entry points to secure systems

A good practice is to embrace a multilayers strategy to protect a system. It is, therefore, necessary to harden the mobile application.

How to trust that your application reacts well to an intrusion?

esChecker performs automated testing to validate your app behaviour facing an intrusion with advanced reverse-engineering testings. A common belief is to think that only applications handling banking or medical data are to be protected, but in fact, any application handling personal data has to be secured.

As solution providers, you are responsible to do your best to secure personal and sensitive data. This starts by having a qualification process to validate the protections.

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They Are Safe

Michele Tucci
Chief Product Officer | CredoLab
In late 2018 and 2019, the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia OJK introduced a set of rules aimed at increasing the protection of consumers and their data. As part of the process to comply with the new regulation, CredoLab needed to provide OJK with an independent audit of our mobile SDK. Thanks also to eShard's expert support, in-depth analysis of the source code, and the clear audit report, we were able to gain OJK's confidence. As a result, CredoLab was approved as the only Digital Financial Innovation provider in the Credit Scoring Cluster allowed to use mobile device data for credit scoring purposes. Thanks eShard!
Chiang Kai ER
CTO | V-Key
Before engaging eShard's esCoaching services, we were impressed by the state-of-the-art technologies and techniques that their esSecurityServices consultants used when conducting penetration testing on our products. We wanted our product engineers to learn from them so that we can apply the knowledge to further strengthen our products. We appreciated that the trainers shared not just theoretical knowledge, but also personal experiences in overcoming difficulties. The mindset and thought process as they approached challenging security problems, were very valuable.
Lutz Weimann
Head of mobile security | SRC
At SRC, we highly value eShard's esCoaching because the training modules are tailored specifically to the skill sets of the participants. The modules are built to guide the participants to develop their own solutions to the challenges rather than predefining a path to the solution. Every topic is taught by one of eShard's experts in the respective field, who is also available to support during the practical training sessions. This allows an individual learning experience and enables the participants to apply newly developed skills to real world projects with ease.
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