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We make security testing scalable

We believe that security must be implemented in depth and multi layers. For each layer, the threat is specific. We developed software and services to validate the efficiency of the protections. It is important that the protections in place are checked at the right level.
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Integrated Circuits are at the heart of secure systems

Cryptographic algorithms and sensitive operations must withstand physical attacks. We offers turnkey solutions to perform side-channel, fault injection, failure or binary analyses.

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Mobile applications are entry points to secure systems

A good practice is to embrace a multilayers strategy to protect a system. It is, therefore, necessary to harden the mobile application.

How to trust that your application reacts well to an intrusion?

esChecker performs automated testing to validate your app behaviour facing an intrusion with advanced reverse-engineering testings. A common belief is to think that only applications handling banking or medical data are to be protected, but in fact, any application handling personal data has to be secured.

As solution providers, you are responsible to do your best to secure personal and sensitive data. This starts by having a qualification process to validate the protections.

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