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Making Security Testing Scalable

Hacking is becoming more sophisticated and inventive at an accelerating rate - and it won’t be slowing down any time soon. To manage the risk, security testing must be implemented in depth at each layer of a system. At eShard, we develop innovative solutions to scale your security testing. Scale by consolidating the know-how. Scale by leveraging expandable technologies. Scale by automating testing. With efficient testing, you keep the hackers at bay.
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Side channel bench by eShard

Chip Security Testing

Chips are at the heart of any digital system as they manage critical operations, such as cryptography or secure boot. Physical attacks are part of the threat. They combine hardware bench, advanced data sciences investigations and in-depth expertise.

Scalability is achieved with the esDynamic-based turnkey solutions. Collaborative and flexible, they reconcile the know and how of side-channel, fault injection and photoemission techniques. Your security analysts take control of the expertise, and therefore of the risk.

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Mobile Application Security Testing Tool

Mobile Application Security Testing

A mobile application is a potential entry point for hackers to compromise your business and the privacy of your clients, regardless of the industry.

To mitigate the exposure to attack and avoid code vulnerabilities, security checks need to be performed in short development cycles, integrated into CI/CD pipelines. Scale Android or iOS mobile application security. esChecker automated mobile application security testing solution implements SAST, DAST and IAST on the mobile app binary. It becomes possible to verify the effectiveness of the app protections in a development cycle.

Bring Sec into DevSecOps for Android and iOS mobile applications, following best-in-class standards such as OWASP MASVS.

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System Security testing

The consequences of a vulnerability in a system can be tremendous from a cybersecurity standpoint. For mission critical activities, it is necessary to get insights from within the system to analyze potential vulnerabilities.

Scale your Vulnerability Analysis by assessing insights from within intel-based systems. The REVEN® engine is an essential Reverse Engineering tool to easily explore, extract and analyze data. Combine it with esDynamic - a complete data focused platform - to leverage the know-how of your team for complex analyses.

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