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Explore cybersecurity solutions that go beyond simple testing tools. Develop and secure your team's internal expertise in critical cybersecurity fields with specialized knowledge materials and comprehensive testing solutions - bridging the gap between 'know' and 'how'.
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Chip Security Testing

In the heart of every digital device lies a chip, a small yet mighty guardian of cryptographic data and critical functions.

Recognizing their key role, we introduce esDynamic โ€” a powerful platform designed for side-channel attacks, fault injection, and failure analyses. Connect your benches, perform efficient computing and manage complex analyses. All in a collaborative and flexible platform.

With esDynamic, your focus shifts from managing workflow complexities to deepening your cybersecurity analyses.

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Software Binary Analysis

Binary analysis is crucial for tackling major cybersecurity challenges, but its complexity requires a wide range of tools and extensive expertise. In response to this, we created esReverse.

This all-in-one platform transforms the development of binary analysis expertise by reconciling techniques, supporting collaborative work and empowering experts with a totally flexible platform.

esReverse sets a new standard by not only facilitating but securing the development of critical binary analysis capabilities within expert teams.

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Customer Stories

Semiconductors Industry
Chip Security | Side Channel
โ€œeShardโ€™s esDynamic toolset allows ST to unify our characterization work with a high-performing and flexible framework. It finally brings us a high confidence in the security of our products for a long-term resistance.โ€
Cyberdefense Industry
Binary Analysis | esReverse
โ€œesReverse is the most amazing piece of software I have ever used for system-level analysis. It provides an unprecedented level of detail of the system execution state. It allows me to perform โ€œtime travelโ€ debugging of the entire system (both kernel and user mode) with great ease. It is truly a reverse engineerโ€™s dream tool.โ€
Banking Industry
Mobile App Security | esChecker
โ€œI have been really impressed with esChecker. It is simple to use but the technology behind the scene is brillant and efficient. Moreover, since the beginning of our conversation, the solution has evolved quickly and I'm sure they will be able to help more companies to evaluate their app against the different issue a mobile app can face.โ€
Services Industry
Mobile App Security | esChecker
โ€œeShard MAST turned out to be a nice complement to our mobile offering. Our customers were enthusiastic about the technology and how much they learnt about mobile app security by using eShard's tool. The DAST is particularly above any other solution, as far as we know. โ€
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