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Dynamic Analysis IOS

Dynamic Analysis of an iOS application

In this module, you will get knowledge on dynamic analysis techniques to understand the inner workings of an iOS application. You will see the different steps of analysing an application at runtime from the repackaging process of an application to the use of an instrumentation framework.

Covered Topics

What you will learn:

  • How to set up your working environment
  • Dynamic analysis techniques to analyse a code being executed at runtime
  • Patching and repackaging an application on a device with or without Jailbreak
  • Instrument the application using FRIDA on a device with or without Jailbreak


This is a CrackMe-like challenge where flag(s) have to be found by only applying dynamic analysis tools and techniques.

You will have to patch the code and to analyse the application at runtime by debugging and instrumenting it using FRIDA.


  • MacOS
  • Jailbroken iPhone on iOS 13 and above
  • Xcode and the developer tools
  • Beginner knowledge in debugging
  • Basic knowledge of javascript
  • An ARM disassembler like IDA (+Hex-Rays decompiler), Hopper or Ghidra
  • Basic understanding of the Objective-C and Swift programming languages (If beginner level, the module related to Part 1: Static Analysis of an iOS Application is required)
  • Basic understanding of the AARCH64 assembly language. (If beginner level, the module related to ARM is required)
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Practical information

Overall duration: 5 to 10 days

Schedule: 9:30am - 13pm (CET/CEST) - virtual/in person

Number of trainees: 2 trainees max.

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