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Side Channel RSA

Advanced Side-Channel analysis on RSA

In this module, you will learn about the state-of-the-art and advanced attacks on RSA. The training covers differential attacks on the modular exponentiation, horizontal analysis techniques, cross-correlation attacks and attacks on the CRT-RSA recombination.

Covered Topics

  • Understand the cross-correlation analysis principles
  • Learn the cross-correlation side-channel attack targeting the double and add always scalar multiplication
  • Understanding the horizontal analysis principles
  • Learning the horizontal side-channel attack targeting the scalar multiplication
  • Understand the CRT-RSA operations in the CRT recombination
  • Learn the side-channel attack targeting the multiplication by the secret prime value in the recombination


  • Perform horizontal analysis on given traces and recover the secret exponent
  • Perform the cross-correlation analysis on given traces and recover the secret exponent
  • Use cluster analysis to improve the cross-correlation attack
  • Implement the CRT recombination selection function
  • Perform the correlation analysis on given traces and recover the secret prime first bytes
  • Improve the attack techniques to recover efficiently all secret bytes of the secret prime for modern multipliers architectures


  • Familiar with CRT RSA
  • Basic knowledge in coding (Python)
  • Familiar with side-channel concepts (module SCAE.1)
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Practical information

Overall duration: 1-day if in-person / flexible duration if online.

Schedule: 9am-1pm - 2pm-6 pm CET (in-person)

Number of trainees: 1 max.

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