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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a new way of integrating Security within the Development cycle. It’s a challenge since it requires tools and expertise. And you have to compose with an aggressive time to market and the agility to deliver multiple app releases. Security protection is a software feature, you therefore need to avoid regression. For this, an agile process must have your preference. Automation is the right option.
DevSecOps MAST CI/CD Automate

Critical issue: the expertise

Hacking is sophisticated and inventive, and, at an accelerating rate, it won’t be slowing down any time soon. The corresponding skill is difficult to find and does not necessarily belong to your core skill set.

eShard’s offering help you fill this gap with:

Mobile Application Security Testing Tool

esChecker, your MAST companion

You simply cannot afford a manual pentesting for each release. esChecker has been designed to be integrated into your development cycle. Combining SAST and DAST technologies, systematic verifications can take place to control that protections are in place and make sure no space is given to misconfiguration or regression.

You set your security campaign corresponding to your security policy. Security verification can now be integrated into your QA process.

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In-depth vulnerability analysis with pentesting

Our highly specialized team may scrutinize your mobile application.

If you choose a whitebox approach: the code will be required. Otherwise, they can also work in a blackbox approach by stressing the mobile app binary, either an Android or iOS.

At the end, you get a proficient vulnerability analysis report with suggestions of remediation. Doing so, you know what an attacker would have been able to do.

Skill your team

It is always better to know what we are doing. And it is even more important when it comes to developing the right security.

Our esCoaching program is ideal to provide your team with training sessions. It is technical and specialized - the best way to embrace a “learn by doing” approach, where your team will see how attackers' tools work. Awareness is one ingredient of success.

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Training tools

Ecosystems move fast, so do the cybersecurity challenges. Your team must remain up-to-date and master the last security threats because your business and your customers are at stake.
Static Analysis of an Android application
Coach: Tiana Razafindralambo
This module mainly focuses on static analysis of an Android application. It is split in two parts: the first one focuses on the static analysis of the java code, and the second one on the native code. During this module, you will learn how to find entry points from where one can perform further analyses from the Java code to the Native one. Different techniques and tools will be demonstrated so you can practice.
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Dynamic Analysis of an iOS application
Coach: Tiana Razafindralambo
In this module, you will get knowledge on dynamic analysis techniques to understand the inner workings of an iOS application. You will see the different steps of analysing an application at runtime from the repackaging process of an application to the use of an instrumentation framework.
iOS basics from the reverse engineer point of view
Coach: Tiana Razafindralambo
In this module, you will get the basic information to reverse engineer an iOS application. You will understand what an iOS application is made of, its structure and components, its lifecycle, the iOS architecture and the Swift /Objective-C language. You will also have an overview of the Tools that are required to reverse engineer an iOS application. Finally, you will get an introduction to the iOS security model and the concept of application sandbox.

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