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Lab equipment

Physical attacks begin with specialized lab equipment, used to either capture information from devices or alter their behavior. To execute more precise attacks, this equipment often necessitates custom developments. Created by our hardware security experts for their own experiments, we have engineered specialized hardware tools with a singular focus: to enhance and refine your hardware analysis setup, ensuring you have the most advanced and effective tools at your disposal.
Laser & EM Fault Injection tool bench


The esBox is used to connect a hardware setup to an esDynamic server. Any remote or on-premise users of esDynamic can then control hardware setups such as a side-channel bench, an EMFI bench or a Laser Microscope Station via their Internet browser and perform manual or automated test campaigns.

Combined with the bench manager software feature, esBox allows:

  • Controlling all equipment individually
  • Saving and sharing bench configuration
  • Performing data acquisition
  • Controlling hardware settings and acquisition parameters live during the data acquisition process

esBox natively supports all hardware benches sold by eShard and ALPhANOV and is compatible with any other hardware equipment. The esBox is used in our side-channel and fault injection turnkey solutions

esBox reconciles benches

A modern lab infrastructure can be achieved by combining esDynamic platform and the bench management together. One technology encompassing the whole experimentation workflow.

Laser, optical and imagery

For techniques involving optical and laser systems, we've collaborated with our premier local partner, ALPhANOVβ€”a renowned technology center. All ALPhANOV equipment is seamlessly integrated and maintained within our software solution. Beyond the hardware integration, we've dedicated extensive expertise to optimize the utilization of this specialized equipment, ensuring it's leveraged effectively and efficiently for physical attacks. This partnership combines the best of technology and knowledge to offer superior capabilities in your security endeavors.

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