Automated Runtime Application Defense Scoring Platform to evaluate your mobile application shielding: the full knowledge of world-class penetration tester at work for your benefit.

Runtime Application Defense Scoring

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esChecker attacks the apps at runtime to verify if they are able to detect and react accordingly. By challenging the implemented and/or integrated protection, esChecker gives a score to the Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). This score reflects the number of defenses properly setup by the app. Thus it is now possible to compare different shielding methods by comparing their score. Additionaly, it is also possible to verify that none of the defenses were altered during the CI/CD process.


By automating security tests, esChecker increments their number and reduces their unit cost.

esChecker cost analysis infographics


Thanks to the 100% customizable test campaigns, you can create your own test benchmark to make sure your application complies with the regulations and standards you want to meet: OWASP, PSD2, FFIEC, PCI, CWE, NIAP, FISMA, HIPAA, ...