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We have developed this tool to give you the means to validate the protections embedded into your firmware against physical and logical attacks such as fault injection or fuzzing attacks.
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How to validate protections against physical and logical attacks?

Code reviews and product level security evaluations are important to guarantee there’s no obvious vulnerabilities but they are not enough. For a comprehensive check of your firmware protections against physical and logical attacks, you need to:

  • Stress your firmware with faults
  • Scan all fault parameters
  • Identify weaknesses in your code

Why does an emulation environment like esFirmware make sense?

There are several reasons:

  • A physical setup to perform fault injection on a device is limited by physics and can’t trigger all possible faults at a point in time while an emulation environment can
  • A physical setup is hard to master while an emulation environment is easy to use for non security experts
  • Here we test firmware, not the underlying chip, don’t we?

How does esFirmware work?

esFirmware can be installed on any computer or server (for multi-user purpose) or used as a SaaS. Making an analysis is easy as:

  • Step 1: Prepare your emulation environment (e.g. ARM 64 bits SoC)
  • Step 2: Run an analysis on your firmware (e.g. single and double fault campaign on a certain range of registers)
  • Step 3: Investigate possible vulnerabilities in your code (e.g. link faulty behaviour with instructions and lines of code)

Take ownership of your security test process

esFirmware helps you to take ownership of your security test process

For developers

A tool to implement a validation process that can be used by developers

No hardware

No need for expensive and hard to use hardware (laser or EM fault injection set-up) to run attacks on the firmware


Help build a systematic validation process for more reliable and reproducible results
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