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esDynamic โ€” the data science platform

Maximise your security testing journey. From setting up your bench to analysing your data processing results, esDynamic saves you valuable time and effort, empowering you to unleash the full potential of your attack workflow.
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esDynamic by eshard data management platfrom

Powerful, modular & open

Discover the flexible and comprehensive Python-based platform, perfectly suited for every phase of your security analysis. Customise your research space to meet your unique requirements by effortlessly adding new equipment, integrating tools, and modifying data.

Additionally, esDynamic features an extensive collection of materials on complex topics that would typically require extensive research or a team of specialists, granting you instant access to expertise.

Discover Expertise Modules

Efficient interprofessional collaboration

Say goodbye to scattered data and fragmented knowledge. Welcome a cohesive workspace where your team can effortlessly share data and insights, fostering collaboration and accelerating discoveries.

Centralise and solidify your efforts in JupyterLab notebooks to share with your team, making it possible to reproduce experiments and analyses across time (e.g., 2 years later) and space (e.g., by a different team). This becomes an invaluable asset when integrating new colleagues or managing the transition of departing experts.

Your lab equipment in the workflow

Connect any of your benches and lab equipment (e.g. oscilloscope, laser source, camera, motorised stageโ€ฆ) to esDynamic and make them available to remote users. Thanks to our esBox, regardless of brand or interface, you can remotely control your devices for calibration or data acquisition.

By eliminating the need for physical presence for continual monitoring and adjustments, esDynamic provides you with increased flexibility and efficiency. And, importantly, if experiment reproducibility is a concern, the automatic calibration feature will revolutionise your workflow.

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Cybersecurity is a fast-paced field and you need a platform that will follow along.


A platform made by experts for experts


Share insights with your team and accelerate discoveries


Smooth integration of computing technologies


Incorporates every step of your workflow in one platform


Integrate your bench and automate data acquisition
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Enhance productivity and unlock your research potential

esDynamic applied to physical attacks

Side Channel Attacks

Perform all the steps of a side channel attack from the acquisition to the key recovery.

Fault Injection Attacks

Implement and exploit physical fault injection on integrated circuits with laser, electromagnetic or glitch stations.

Security Failure Analysis

Control the lab equipment, from laser to high resolution cameras, and process the images for advanced analyses.



Chip Security
Side-channel analysis

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