Learn by Doing

We believe that the best way to acquire knowledge is to be hands-on following and learning from pre-defined practical use cases. We understand the time pressures security experts are under and have developed flexible learning methods that enable users to complete learning at times that suit them. Everyone is different, everyone works at their own pace.

We have developed a large catalog of specialized training that targets all levels of expertise. Beginners have the opportunity to quickly progress with dedicated sessions. Experts will be able to expand their knowledge in a given area. The principle is simple.

Collaborating on eShard Saas Learning Platform, trainees and an eShard expert interact on the same workspace at the same time, enabling an effective transfer of knowledge and learning experience. All the training content is pushed onto the platform and is available during all the time of the session.

Our coaches

With esCoaching you get a coach to support you along the entire learning path. Our coach are recognized experts in their field with strong knowledge but also the pedagocical approach to share it. They are available online to answer all your questions via chat or phone call until you complete your module.

Our Catalog

Mobile App Essential: Android Reverse Engineering

  1. Android basics from the reverse engineer point of view

  2. Static Analysis of an Android application

  3. Dynamic Analysis of an Android application

  4. Android: Crack-me Challenge

Mobile App Essential: iOS Reverse Engineering

  1. iOS basics from the reverse engineer point of view

  2. Static Analysis of an iOS application, Part 1

  3. Static Analysis of an iOS application, Part 2

  4. Dynamic Analysis of an iOS application

  5. iOS: Crack-me Challenge

Mobile App Advanced

  1. Symbolic Execution

  2. Deep dive into Linux/Android loader and Dynamic Linker

  3. Panda-RE

  4. Code instrumentation with FRIDA

  5. Reverse engineering a Virtual Machine using Unicorn

  6. Static Analysis of a virtual machine using GHIDRA

  7. Code Review of ARM Assembly Code

Whitebox Cryptography

  1. WBC Binary Instrumentation

  2. Side Channel Marvels Tools & Double Fault Injection Attack.

  3. Breaking a White-Box implementation embedded in an Android Application (Intermediate Level).

  4. Breaking a White-Box implementation embedded in an Android Application (Hard Level).

Side-Channel Attacks Essential

  1. Before starting - Python for Side-Channel crash course

  2. Side-Channel Analysis Principles

  3. Collect traces - Measurement Training

  4. Prepare traces - Traces alignment

  5. Observe traces - Leakage detection

  6. Attack traces - Side-Channel Analysis on symmetric algorithms

  7. Attack traces with learning - Profiled Attacks on symmetric algorithms

  8. Attacking Public Key Cryptography (RSA, ECC): an overview of attack vectors

  9. Exploring a new attack: Scatter Principles

  10. Analysing RSA: Focus on Modular Exponentiation

  11. Analysing ECC: Focus on Point Scalar Multiplication

Side-Channel Attacks Advanced

  1. Recover the key on a real FPGA use case

  2. Side-Channel Countermeasures

  3. High-Order Side-Channel Analysis

  4. Attack on ECDSA final multiplication

  5. Horizontal Attack on ECC

  6. Cross-Correlation Attack on ECC

  7. Attack on CRT-RSA Recombination

  8. Second-order scatter analysis

Side-Channel Attacks Deep Learning


    Introduction to Deep Learning


    Convolutional Neural Networks


    Advanced Deep Learning


    Deep Learning for SCA


    CNN for SCA


    Advanced Deep Learning SCA