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Dynamic Analysis Android

Dynamic Analysis of an Android application

This modules focuses on dynamic analysis techniques. It is split in two parts: the first one is focused on tools and techniques that can be used for the Java code, and the second one for the native code. Trainees will learn how to debug an application using different alternatives, and also how to instrument the code using FRIDA.

Covered Topics

What you will learn:

  • Dynamic analysis techniques to analyse a code being executed at runtime
  • Perform remote debugging of an application using Android Studio, IDA Pro
  • Dynamic code hooking (Java and Native) with FRIDA


"This is a CrackMe-like challenge where flags have to be found by only applying dynamic analysis tools and techniques.

You will have to analyse an application at runtime by debugging the code and by instrumenting it using FRIDA.


  • Knowledge of the anatomy of an Android app (if not, Module 1 required)
  • Knowledge of the SMALI syntax (if not, Module 1 required)
  • Knowledge of the Java and C/C++ programming languages
  • Being at ease with Linux-based environment system
  • Knowledge of the Java programming language
  • Beginner level with the tools: GHIDRA, Android Studio, jeb (or any free alternative, like jadx)
  • You will need your own physical device to run applications. The device must be run under Android greater or equal to version 6.
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Practical informations

Overall duration: 5 to 10 days

Schedule: 9.30AM - 13PM (CET/CEST) - virtual/in person

Number of trainees: 2 trainees max.

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