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Fault Analysis Symmetric Algorithms

Differential Fault Analysis on symmetric algorithms

With this module, you will learn about the main Differential Fault Attacks on AES. You will get familiar with the Piret & Quisquater DFA targetting the AES final rounds and the Kim & Quisquater DFA targeting the AES key schedule. During this training, you will learn how to compute differentials, characterize faults and recover a secret key from faulty AES outputs.

Covered Topics

Understand differential fault attacks on AES Understand Piret & Quisquater DFA Understand Kim & Quisquater DFA DFA Understand conditions for successful key recovery using fault injection on AES


  • Characterize faults on AES. Detect faulted rounds
  • Simulate faults on different rounds of the AES
  • Recover secret keys from faulty outputs using different DFA techniques


  • Basic knowledge in cryptographic algorithms, specially AES
  • Basic knowledge in programming
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Practical information

Overall duration: 1-day if in-person / flexible duration if online.

Schedule: 9am-1pm - 2-6 pm CET (in-person)

Number of trainees: 1 max.

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