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Second Order Scatter Analysis

Second-order scatter analysis

In this module, you will learn the principles of scatter second order side-channel analysis. This technique threatens first order protected implementations including masking, jitter and shuffling combined together. You will be guided to implement steps of the attack on a masked AES implementation. You will practice second-order scatter attacks on different set of traces for different second order attack paths until your recover the keys.

Covered Topics

  • Remember side-channel countermeasures
  • Drawbacks of classical second order attacks
  • 2nd order accumulation, joint distributions and probability density functions
  • Scatter distinguishers


  • Compute the accumulators, joint distributions and probability density functions
  • Apply distinguisher and identify the secret
  • Attack first order protected AES implementation traces set from a real use case, given to you
  • Given traces from a secret trace set, with no indication from trainers at a first stage, recover the secret


  • Familiar with AES algorithm
  • Basic knowledge in coding (Python)
  • Familiar with side-channel concepts (module SCAE.1)
  • Basic knowledge in Scatter attack (module SCAE.8)
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Practical information

Overall duration: 1-day if in-person / flexible duration if online.

Schedule: 9am-1pm - 2pm-6 pm CET (in-person)

Number of trainees: 1 max.

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