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Expanding evaluation capability for microelectronics in Singapore

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Edit by Guillaume Vilcocq • Jul 6, 2022

By selecting eShard and ALPhANOV’s Double Laser Fault-Injection solution, the National Integrated Centre for Evaluation (NiCE) equipped itself with the industry’s most advanced capability to test complex Integrated Circuit devices.

Cybersecurity and data protection are major societal challenges that local industry stakeholders must protect against threats of malicious attacks. As part of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy to promote Security-by-Design in their eco-system, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has partnered with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) to establish the National Integrated Centre for Evaluation (NiCE), a one-stop centre to facilitate product research and testing by optimising the utilisation of resources through the sharing of state-of-art equipment. The centre was officially opened on 18 May 2022. To know more about NiCE, please visit their website ( to find out more.




ALPhANOV, the Optical and Lasers Technology Centre and eShard, a leader in embedded devices security, have combined their expertise to offer international cybersecurity players state-of-the-art tools for performing analysis and security evaluation of microelectronics components at NiCE. The Double Laser Microscope Station (D-LMS) from ALPhANOV, a comprehensive optical system allowing to inject on the chip two independent laser spots, is powered by the eShard’s esDynamic data science platform. esDynamic controls equipment, analyzes and processes the collected data. It aims to facilitate the work of embedded security experts by effectively performing all complex steps of a test campaign while allowing the user to develop their attack scripts.

eShard and ALPhANOV provides this unique end to end solution that offers the advanced data science software platform integrating leading laser technologies designed by both companies. A well-designed Integrated Circuit must be capable of security protecting data under any circumstances. This state-of-the-art station will enable research in security analysis on integrated circuits in the most efficient way. Unlike other solutions, this platform allows users full control of its equipment, attacks developments and sharing of analysis.




This award marks a new success in the collaboration between eShard and ALPHANOV initiated 3 years ago. Based in Singapore, eShard is the official distributor of ALPhANOV's optical equipment for the security testing of integrated circuits in the Asia-Pacific region.



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